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The Outstanding Cowan Center

This Cowan center is found within the confines of the Greenwich academy and is a place for children to grow and learn values under a pleasant atmosphere. This school caters for the children of the staff who work at the Greenwich academy and this is a good establishment which has won many accolades from all those who have known it.

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This center provides an environment where the children get to grow in tranquility and full of love and proper credit.  It is here that the kids get to learn virtues in life and how to be a good person and also have fun and grow intelligent wise as they get to practice skill in art.  Through this the talent of the child can be quickly noted and harnessed then natured.

All this takes place at the Cowan center, where the children are made to understand themselves and learn how to live with others and play in peace and to be thankful plus many other life’s virtues that a child should learn while coming up. There some also other extra skills that are tough here like foreign languages to help them appreciate the different cultures.

They are taught skill that will be helpful in life like making things out of their hands e.g. pottery music, handcrafts and it is through this that the professional staff and teachers who are in charge of the children get to take note of the interest of that child and in collaboration with the parents, they get to nature the child along those lines.

The Cowan center emphasizes the team work with parents as in order to bring the kids up well it takes the parents and teachers to be able to properly nature the child. It has to be noted that the relationship between parents and teachers is exemplary and it has resulted in very good children with morals and life skills and this is the main goal.

There are many other extra activities that are performed by the school and this is like outings and educational trips to museums and parks, to the zoo and while they are there they get to do plenty of outdoor games which is good for the children. This has gone well with the whole school and has placed then school at a good place.

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We have teachers parents and children alike joining in the outings that are organized for all to go and this is to help in bonding between parents and children and cordial relationship with the teachers and this comes as a relief and is welcomed by all. It is such activities that strengthen the bond of family and this is normally the main goal

The Cowan center has done a lot and has gone along way into ensuring top notch education standards for the kids with proper care and professionalism of the highest nature. It also promotes family values which are taught during the outings and outdoor activities which in the long run will bring up responsible members of the society

IBC Approved Direction