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The Oil Palace Building Rental for Concerts in Tyler Tx

The Oil Palace, Tyler Texas Entertainment center is an ideal place to rent out the building for most types of events. The space of the building can prove to be an ideal place for your functions and parties. We recommend The Oil Palace for the following events.

  • Rental Concerts
  • Graduations
  • Trade Shows
  • Private Parties
  • Speaking Engagements
  • Dance Events
  • Wresting
  • Weddings

If you are looking for a place to throw a party or to organize a public speaking on a larger scale, The Oil Palace is the most suitable place to arrange your public congregation. The Tyler Texas Entertainment venue and an excellent facility can be rented out to manage your event in a way you want. Its capacity and structure is equally suitable for fashion shows and trade shows for Tyler Texas Entertainment events. You can pretty much hold any function at The Oil Palace.

The building has a huge capacity. At one time more than 6960 people can be seated which makes this building multi-purpose. We have a huge area for parking and can accommodate a large group of Patrons.

The Oil Palace is not confined to only the entertainment industry. You may hold Concerts in Tyler Tx, official conferences, public addresses and convocation ceremonies as this multi-purpose venue can be used to create a formal atmosphere as well. The Oil Palace will be the solution for every type of Tyler Event and ceremony. It will be a perfect option to rent a building and organize an event in a way you want. The Oil Palace, Tyler Texas Entertainment center is available to assist you and help you to make your East Texas Event astonishing.

Contact us at 1-903-566-2122 for more information regarding renting this beautiful facility to make your East Texas Event a successful one.

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