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What to do in Tyler

Once you are back to Tyler on holidays, or you are touring the Texas, the first thing comes to your mind is, what to do in Tyler? Tyler is a small city of Texas named after President John Tyler. Tyler is famous for its Rose bushes and has nick name of “Rose Capital”. Interestingly Tyler is considered as an ideal city for retirees. This fact was found through a survey conducted by to find out the top retirement cities of America.

Tyler Texas

Tyler is an attractive place for tourists as well. It is renowned for its famous Rose Festival. Each year thousands of tourists visit Tyler for this particular festival. The Rose Museum is the other attraction for the visitors of Rose Festival. Tyler is a calm and quite city with beautiful landscape and peace in the atmosphere. The soothing fresh air contributes in the beauty of the city.

If you are unsure about what to do in Tyler, the best thing is to explore the city. There are many places in Tyler which can’t be missed once you are in Tyler. If you have any interest in antiques or you love history, Goodman Legrand Home and Museum is a good place for you. This place has original furnishing, photographs and tone of mid 1800 and it take you back in the history.

This city is famous for its Ballet Tyler too. A group of young 20 dancers from East Texas performs on the highest possible level. It takes great effort and hard work to prepare them for the show. This helps the young dancers in getting scholarships for their higher studies. This entertaining event can be attended during you stay at Tyler.

concerts in Tyler Texas

Carldwell zoo is constituted on more than 85 acres. This wonderful wildlife park has more than 2000 animals from 250 different species. This park not only attracts children, it has lot more to offer to adults as well. Along with Carldwell zoo, Cherokee Trace Drive Thru Safari Park can be explored as well if you have curiosity in wildlife. These safari parks give a true picture of real jungle with presence of different wild animals. A stunning wild life park on 300 acres is a great tourist attraction.

There are many other places in Tyler to be seen. You will need some time to visit all of those one vacations. Cotton Belt Depot, Cowan Center, East Texas arts, Fairhaven Vineyards, fire mountain amusements, the oil palace and hundreds of other places which can be discovered on your trip. After knowing the list of places in Tyler, you will not need to ask, what to do in Tyler.

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